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    We specialize in the confidential treatment of patients in both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

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    To aid in your success a Counselor works with the patient to provide an individualized assessment and therapy program.

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    With psychological support, patients can learn to use coping mechanisms to minimize the risk of relapse due to triggers that are associated with past dependencies.


Suboxone clinic in  Jacksonville Florida

If you live in Jacksonville and you have been struggling with a dependence on opioids, working with Pathways Suboxone clinic can be an excellent way to manage addiction counselling to work towards a brighter future.

The team at pathways is equipped as a drug rehab center offering counselling service, suboxone treatments and more. This facility is helping people claim their life back with individualized treatment, and assistance with the physical, mental and emotional support that is required for rehabilitation.

Suboxone is a treatment that can be rendered here. The name for suboxone is also buprenorphine and it can be regularly prescribed for acute pain, chronic pain and more. The medication is often administered as a means to manage opioid use disorder. It is a medication which can block the receptors and control a person’s urges. Suboxone will prevent most opioids from producing an effect and with regular doses, it can be possible to treat and overcome addiction.

The counselling support from Pathways can also be incredibly beneficial through the recovery and rehabilitation process. Counsellors at this Jacksonville clinic will identify various coping mechanisms and triggers and assist with group, couples, co-dependency, and individual counselling. Counselling treatment occurs as part of a minimum once per week commitment. With the assistance of both counselling and medication it is possible to product life change s for behaviour lifestyle and focus.

By setting goals with Pathways and working through the rehabilitation treatment, it is possible to see extraordinary results with treatment for addictions. Keeping your behaviour in check and getting the help your loved one or yourself may need can be important to building a successful future.

If you are interested in medication assisted counselling, opioids dependency treatment and taking your life back, contact the team at Pathways clinic today.

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